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Pickleweeds Press, in the beginning


The idea of Pickleweeds Press started in the printing industry at a web label printing company in a small town in New Hampshire. Back then there were rapidograph pens, t-squares, wax and stat paper. Typeset, creating camera ready art, and wax paste-up were the tools used.

All of that is long gone in the age of PC’s. Offset printing companies struggled; who needs a printer when we all have home PC’s?

We've developed over time, learned HTML to be part of the website revolution, and created .docs and graphics. 

Of course, the entire field of printing is upside down now- copy prep and the manual tools used are relics of the print industry.

The bones are still there, though. Design, layout, color, packaging, adverstising - all that still needs to be put together. Added in with a new term - Branding - in micro-printing.

Micro printing is taking care of the little guy. The business or individual that doesn’t need 1000 posters to advertise their event, or 100 tee shirts for their team members. We prefer working closely with my clients to create a design they can appreciate, in fivezies, tenzies and twentizies.

We also love creating our own stuff, so you’ll see plenty of that here as we put together snippets of design ideas to come up with something unique.

Browse, comment, and feel free to leave feedback. If you need to reach the Press team, you can contact us here.

Welcome to a long time coming.... Pickleweeds Press.

Lisa Lahti
Pickleweeds Press


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