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From Gaston Gazette, 1/29/2019


Owl + Ivy Healing Arts and Bohemian Style has changed a lot in the short two years the shop has been in downtown Gastonia.

At first, the store focused on furnishings and design — especially unique furniture. Since then, the South Street establishment has branched out to include a diverse collection of trinkets, decorations, books and artwork. And, lately, as a hub for other creative businesses.

“We try to be very flexible,” said Jamie Maier, who owns Owl + Ivy with her husband, Karl. “When we started, we focused a lot on furniture and decor... We didn’t a get a lot of traction on it, but people really loved our chimes and our global decor. We’ve always had this sort of really eclectic, global vibe. We get stuff from all over the world.”

Visitors browsing the store will see wands, decorative masks, herbs, baskets, jewelry and even umbrellas shaped like wine bottles.

Recently, the store has also rented out studio space to other local entrepreneurs. Lisa Lahti’s screen-printing business, Pickleweeds Press, operates out of the store. Lahti prints custom phrases, logos and other designs onto T-shirts and other fabric products. Several products in the store bear the #LoveGastonia logo, others — like “Live Love Bark” with a photo of a dog wearing sunglasses — might appeal to pet owners.

“I was in the printing industry for about 20 years,” Lahti said. ”... I got into retail, retired from retail and went back to what I love, which is putting ink on something. It still amazes me. It’s wonderment to me.”

As of Feb. 2, Owl + Ivy will house a third business: Cosmic Wisdoms Healing Center. Business partners Laura Beth Finley and Aliesha Watson will operate out of an upstairs loft in the building, using holistic and energy healing to help people reach their full potential.

“Basically what we do is we focus on raising (people’s) vibrations to help teach them to be more loving, compassionate and less judgmental,” Finley said. “We’re trying to create a community of people who love each other rather than spread fear-based beliefs or hate to each other.”

Finley says the duo encourages folks to “operate from places of compassion” and act as coaches for people to reach for their dreams. Their space features a lounge area for seminars and workshops as well as coaching and meditation sessions.

They also focus a bit on holistic treatment.

“We also dabble in our plant medicines, too,” Watson said. “I always look to do things more holistically. We’re not only bringing things to the mind and spirit but on the physical level for the body, too.”