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Why the P2?


The market for custom t-shirts today is crowded with drop ship sellers. The process to create these shirts is very simple; upload a design to a print service such as Printify or Printful, then list the shirt on one of any number of sell-it-yourself websites such as Etsy and Amazon Merch. The seller has very few options - limited shirt styles, fabrics, and colors, along with predetermined placement of graphics on the shirt. The shirts are printed on direct to garment digital printers at the print service, then shipped to the buyer under the seller's brand.

There is a huge market for this type of item due to the advantages for the seller of not having to carry inventory and having an almost unlimited number of design choices. Some sellers do very well with this business model, and we at Pickleweeds Press don't fault any business for this choice.

Pickleweeds Press is a traditional screen print shop. Our shirts are printed on an unlimited variety of fabrics, with non traditional placements, designs, and inks. From Organic Cotton to Hemp to Bamboo fabrics, to USA Union made and USA Cotton shirts, we have the resources to meet your particular textile needs.

Our ink choices range from traditional water based inks to metallic, discharge and non-toxic opaque and translucent colors and textures. We have even screen printed a design, then hand painted colors for highlight effects!


Each of our products are also eco-friendly - no toxic chemicals used in the printing of our shirts or in the production process. 


So what does this have to do with the P2 at the bottom of our shirts?

The P2 "artist chop" at the bottom of our shirts guarantees that your purchase is printed in our North Carolina shop. This non-traditional design placement is not offered by the "print-on-demand" printers. Your selection, whether hemp, cotton, or cotton blend fabric, has been individually printed on our manual press by our team. While this extra impression takes more time, it's a distinguishing mark that differentiates our product. Our commercial clients are also offered this option.

After printing, each shirt is heat cured, tagged, folded by hand, and stored with our inventory ready for purchase by you. We are proud of our earth friendly processes and our hand printed products, and look forward to making you one of our amazing Pickleweeds Press clients.


Lisa Lahti
Pickleweeds Press



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