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Commercial Printing

We aren't just a creator of our own apparel, we also design, print and ship custom orders!

There's a story with each of these orders. We've met some incredible people, and got to exercise our creative and technical muscles to make ink happen.

When it comes down to creating, designing, and printing, though, it's all about the relationship with our clients.

Take a look at some of our recent projects:


George needed shirts for his family reunion, so he got together with his family and hired Pickleweeds Press to design and print adult and toddler's two color cool and comfy t's
 The Gastonia Farmer's Market chose Pickleweeds Press to print three versions of two color designs - on white, black, and green. We were able to exercise our technical skills here using earth friendly discharge ink.


With the world on shutdown starting in March of 2020, the Press was left with no events, clients, or retail sales. So we took our last $$ from the account and purchased a dozen light blue blank shirt, designed a two color Celebrate Local graphic, and started selling them with proceeds going to the local United Way! Each batch of shirts printed paid for the next batch, and so far...

We had more fun doing printing this shirt than allowed.... the client picked out the shirt color, did the design, and allowed us to print it. Nice combinations!

Isn't this the coolest graphic?

Our fair city of Gastonia, NC is officially a Bee City, and this shirt was printed here at the Press to commemorate the first gathering to celebrate!

To date the shirts have raised $1400 in funds to help local residents through 501C organizations!
What does a new landscaping business in the South need? Cool Dry shirts, of course! These guys loved these shirts, made to keep them cooler while doing the yard thing.
The second in the Gastonia Farmer's Market series, this shirt was printed with earth friendly black and green inks, on super soft jersey t's
 Gaston Sings was held in the fall of 2019 in Gastonia, NC. The participants received these nifty in-house designed shirts printed with eco-friendly blue ink with just a hint of silver metallic sparkle. We thought they were pretty cool!

Blue Goat Dairy needed tote bags and shirts to help build their brand.... they had a super dynamic graphic, Pickleweeds Press prepped the graphic for silkscreen printing and added the text. Fun project!

Gaston Pride was held in Sept. 2019 in downtown Gastonia. The organizers needed shirts for their volunteers, and Pickleweeds Press was able to get the concept, design and print done in a matter of days. Love that purple ink!

When Hampton Inn came to us with an idea of printing Gastonia shirts for their gift shop, we went for it! This design uses elements of Gastonia and Gaston county - Crowder's Mountain, the downtown skyline, and proximity to the largest airport in North Carolina. A unique shirt to show off to visitors to the area!

 The last in the Gastonia Farmer's Market series, this black shirt was printed with earth friendly discharge inks on our human powered silkscreen press here at the Press.

When we got a call from Massachusetts to print these super groovy shirts, we said YES! One of our larger orders of shirts, this was a front & back print job, on long sleeve high quality shirts. By the way, if you haven't tried their coffee, I highly recommend the house blend, it's a great morning waker-uper!

 The second of two colors printed for Mystic Coffee Roaster in Medford, Massachusetts. These earth friendly shirts were printed with eco safe inks in house and shipped to them. 

There's one brewery in Gastonia - and the most excellent folks at Cavendish Brewing Company brought some great ideas to the table for their series of graphic printed t's. This one is the front of the ever popular Grizzly Brown Ale.
 Cavendish Brewery added this ale to their year 'round selection in the fall of '19 and it's a best seller!
Part of Cavendish Brewery's year 'round selection, the Foggy Mountain graphic was one of our more technically challenging graphics.  We created a process to print graduated color using only dots - not true halftones, but the effect with a manual silkscreen press was impressive!
 Ave Maria - Cavendish's self described hands down best selling beer, got it's own logo created by Pickleweeds Press, and printed with earth friendly inks onto super soft cotton shirts.

Another bar? Of coarse!

Newly opened Trackside Wine and Spirits in Kings Mountain, NC, needed shirts with bright colors onto a black background. Discharge ink to the rescue again! Both the white and gold inks were mixed with a discharge base, resulting in bright, colorful shirts that are selling out!

 A staff manager at Cavendish had thick sweatshirts printed for the staff, on the sleeve and front of the shirt. Happy staff members!
Gastonia, NC became a Bee City, hosting the BeeTopia event in 2019 and being recognized nationwide for the city's efforts in supporting the bee population. This super nifty graphic was printed with bee-friendly inks onto high quality cotton shirts, resulting in a work of art that will last for years!  

 Can we do one or two shirts?

Yes, we can! These shirts were a special request from one of our customers for a gift. Purple earth friendly ink on high quality 100% cotton long sleeve shirts will make for a fun, long wearing gift!

The Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte needed to update their shirt collection to help raise money for the organization. These CATChY shirts were printed with a nice lavender custom mix ink onto super soft jersey shirts, and are making many fans very happy.  
 Social Vineyard had a number of clients asking for wearables. This design sold out quickly - and if you spot one of these limited editions being worn around Gastonia, you know now where they were designed and printed!

This was a super cool idea from the local Girl Scouts troop - the girls got together to tie dye their shirts, then brought them over to the Press for printing. We came up with this fun design and printed each shirt with earth friendly ink on our manual press.

 One of our other capabilities is designing and printing one-off shirts with our heat press. We actually did two of these for a regular customer, who gave them as gifts.